“Math is everywhere” and children by nature of their play are natural mathematicians. However, many students experience lack of confidence and frustration with mastering grade-appropriate mathematical skills and concepts.

Numbers, number patterns and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are the critically important components of your child’s mathematical education and form the basis for understanding other strands of mathematics such as geometry, measurement, probability and data management.

Each grade level has key concepts and skills. By observing your child’s thinking, understanding and fluency in the manipulation of these concepts and skills, I will provide a mathematical profile of your child’s strengths and needs. In conference with you, I will create an individualized support program to increase your child’s ability to understand and use mathematical strategies and concepts.

Direct instruction using concrete materials, real life problem solving and meaningful math games will be used to increase your child’s understanding, accuracy and confidence in the following areas:
Essential grade specific
Ontario Mathematics Curriculum concepts covered:

Basic Concepts
Number sense and numeration
Rational numbers (fractions, decimals, ratios)

Addition /Subtraction /Multiplication /Division
Mental Computation

Time and money
Interpreting data
Geometry/Spatial Sense
Problem solving


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