“I arrived home tonight to find my daughter absolutely giddy about the math you two worked on. She also mentioned that in school she is now ahead of the other students because of the work you two do.”
Parent of a Junior Student

“Thank you for your unrelenting supply of patience, understanding, and most of all your kindness.”
Parent of Primary Student

“Maureen worked one-on-one with my child who was struggling with reading and writing. He looked forward to his tutoring sessions and became increasingly more confident and fluent in his reading, spelling and writing. His teacher noticed a big increase in his reading fluency and willingness to read in class.”
Parent of Primary Student

“Thank you for putting me in your reading program to help me become a better reader and if you ask me, I think it’s going really good. Don’t you?”
Primary Student


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Email: tutor@yes-you-can.ca
Phone: 519-746-1664

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